Smoothie Bowl

Happy Sunday!!! 

I always try to keep it happy, and healthy. I usually have a shake in the morning for breakfast, but thought it was time to switch things up a bit. I have seen the smoothie bowl start to get popular, so I decided to try one for myself. I tested one out for first time this week at a the FRESH FUSION CAFE in davie. Honestly that place was awesome, and delicious!! I went home, did some research, and came up with my own rendition.

The base of the smoothie is usually a frozen Acai berry pure or dragonfruit puree, some form of  fresh juice or coconut milk, frozen fruit, and some others add protein powders as well. It is illegal to sell Acai in the fresh form in the states. You can purchase the blended frozen pack in the frozen fruit section at whole foods. The topping to the bowl is your choice of chopped seasonal fruit, granola, honey, nuts, and I like to add bee pollen. Its adds a hidden sweetness, helps with your allegeries, the color is beautiful, and adds a crunchy texture. Just remember if your buying bee pollen to purchase it from a local source, because; your allergies are too things around you, not from pollen from other countries. Your nearest whole foods will carry two brands. One that is generic, and one that is local. The granola I like to make from scratch. For convince I understand to purchase it, but I like to make it form scratch! If you need help or a recipe just email me!!



YIELD:3 Smoothie bowls
1 Packet Acai Berry
1-2 Cup Fresh Juice, Water, or Coconut Milk
2 Cups Assorted Frozen Fruit(peaches, all berries, bananas, kiwis, & mango)
1/2 Cup Granola, (or Homemade granola just email me for a recipe if 
you need help!!)
1 Tsp Bee pollen
1 Cup Chopped Assorted Fresh Fruit
1 Tsp Honey
1. Blend, the Acai Berry packet, Frozen Fruit, and liquid of your 
choice to a thick smoothie paste. Serve one bowl, and the rest 
reserve in the freezer to have ready to eat for other days. Just pull it out and put it in the refrigerator the night before.   
2. Slice, or chop assorted fruit on top.
3. Sprinkle 1/2 Cup of Granola on top of the smoothie.
2. Sprinkle the top with honey, and bee pollen.


Honestly these bowls are super filling, healthy, and yummy! You will not regret it!!

Whole Wheat Belgian Waffles



First and foremost HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY, and thanks to my sister and our troops! I know its easy to get lost in the haze of society today, so I would like to take this time to recenter, and show my appreciation to our troops! As of 2016, there have been 2,386 U.S. military deaths in the War in Afghanistan. 20,049 American servicemembers have also been wounded in action during the war. To show my appreciation, I rode 15 miles for our troops in spin class, and am dedicating this blog post to them!!! I feel so blessed, and thankful for everything they do!! I love you li li!! All Americans love waffles. I thought for everyones Memorial Day brunch/ BBQ these would be a great addition!!!


Would you like some bling on it?

…..and in the morning I’m making waffles!!!!! haha


The Waffle came to the states in 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. But it was at the 1964-65 World’s Fair hosted in Queens, N.Y that Belgian native Maurice Vermersch, and his family made the waffle popular to Americans!! Originally known as the Brussels waffle, named for the capital city from which it comes, the crisp-on-the-outside, airy-on-the-inside…It was know as the Brussels waffle at first but Americans could not correctly identify Brussels as the capital of Belgium. Americans have made the traditional waffle with bling (powder sugar), and strawberries into so many other variations!!!!

Savory vs Sweet, you decide….


Of course those renditions are DELICIOUS.. but you already know I always like to sneak a happy median of healthy, and yummy in one. Its not cheating, if your not feeling a void from having both ahah!!


I wanted my waffle recipe to still have the same delicious qualities we expect in a waffle, but with better health benefits!!! They still will be crunchy on the outside and soft in the side I promise!!! These are great to sneak a healthier option to kids as well! My niece Caramia loves waffles!! I used whole wheat flour (if you would like to make these gluten free you may, with almond flour, or gluten free flour), almond milk, and honey instead of sugar!!! The egg white and baking soda are actually the secret to how they are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside but shhhhhh…. hah. Healthier toping options are: fresh fruit, almond butter with bananas, agave or honey instead of syrup. You can use sugar free syrup, but honestly there is so much junk in  those kinds of products…the best is 100% organic maple syrup straight from the tree hah..

Whole Wheat Waffles

Yield: 3 Whole Wheat Waffles


1 1/2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 Cup Cornstarch
1 Tsp Baking powder
1/2 Tsp Baking Soda
1/2 Tsp Salt
1/4 Cup Old-fashion Oats
1 Tbs Flaxseeds 
2 Cups Almond milk
6 Tbs Vegetable Oil
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract 
3 Tbs Honey

1. Turn the iron on to medium high heat. 
2. Mix all dry ingredients together, and make a well in the center of the bowl: Flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, oats, flaxseeds,  and cornstarch.
3. Separate the egg white and yolks. Set aside whites in a bowl. 
4. Mix all liquid ingredients together in a separate bowl: Yolks,     almond milk, vanilla, oil, and honey.
5. Pour the liquid in the center of the well, and mix with a whisk    until incorporated.
6. Beat egg whites to medium-stiff peak, and fold into the waffle     batter.
7. Grease waffle iron. Pour the batter in the waffle maker, and bake for 1-2 minutes till golden brown...the light also indicates when its done!
8. Enjoy with your topping of choice, and with a smile on your face, and in your belly :)!